TreeFree Solutions, Inc. provides economical biomass solutions and feedstock for composite building materials, energy pellets, bio-energy, pulp and paper, biofuels, and biochemicals.



The annual market demand for a sustainable green fiber solution is estimated at 1 billion tons in the US and 3 billion tons globally for a 30% reduction of the use of fossil products.

Source: US Energy Information Administration (EIA), Billion Ton Vision

TreeFree Solutions, Inc. provides economical biomass solutions and feedstock for bioenergy, pulp and paper, building materials, forage, biofuels, biochemicals and pharmaceuticals. 


TreeFree’s market advantage is our ability to provide a green, sustainable feedstock with yields that surpass competing biomass options. TreeFree's international patents for planting, propagation, growing, harvesting and refining a domesticated cultivar of Arundo donax called NileFiber™ makes the manufacturing of countless essential products across multiple industries real. The results are high-quality green consumer products enabling a reduction in the use of fossil products and products made from wood...all of this is accomplished without the use of trees.

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