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TreeFree Biomass Solutions is currently spearheading the development of a line of sustainable composite building materials for the commercial, residential, consumer goods, and furniture building industry. Our research and resent test results though Washington State University show that our new product prototypes in OSB and MDF are superior to current products on the market today and unique to the industry in that they are completely "Tree Free" and made of 100% Nile Fiber™ biomass. Our process uses less chemicals, is stronger and lighter than other types and qualities of MDF and OSB board on the market today. Nile Fiber™ Composites are customizable to any market and can be designed and manufactured to comply to specific criteria for almost any use. This makes Nile Fiber™ Composites a superior choice in the building materials sector.

We believe that the introduction of a new era of composite building material completely free of virgin and recycled woods is the way of the future for many industries. This forward thinking and visionary approach to new ways of solving and participating in the issues we face in the world today is a core concern and a driving force for our company and the culture of the employees of TreeFree Biomass Solution. Nile Fiber™ Composites have a wide array of applications and continued investment and R&D is ongoing for several labs in the United States and soon in the EU. TreeFree is currently working with one of Europe’s leading furniture companies to provide solutions for a new line of composite materials that comply with sustainability measures, directly effect the carbon footprint,  and effect forest stewardship qualifications.

The coming introduction of this new sustainable “tree-free” product line we project an easy penetration into the above-mentioned markets simply due to ever increasing demands for sustainable composite building materials globally.


​​Composite Building Materials Solutions

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