Risk reduction through science and agricultural discoveries is crucial for the successful implementation of large-scale crop-transition, replacement and viability of any renewable sources of energy where reliability is essential. Ongoing study and research continues and new partnerships are being developed in order to guarantee the reliability of NileFiber as a clear choice for large-scale sustainable feedstock. Listed below are our industry solutions.

Wood Products Sector – Pulp and paper generation using both soft and hardwood products, composite building materials and composite R&D.

Bioenergy Sector – Feedstock for biofuels through torrefaction with biocoal and oil extraction, pelletizing, and ethanol generation.

Farming/Agriculture Industry – Farming, irrigation, fertilization and forage solutions.

Manufacturing and Medical Sector – Chemical extraction, sugars and similar product development.

Environmental Sector – Carbon Sequestration and Phytoremediation.

TreeFree's Applications Provide Solutions to the Following Areas:
Core Level:


TreeFree delivers biomass solutions in two forms: 

  • NileFiber™ Plants

  • NileFiber™ Chips

Second Level:


  • We work with our partners from the business level on up, and through all phases of propogagtion and production:

    • We build the business case for this endeavor to return several direct and indirect benefits, including: ROI, carbon sequestration and phytoremediation.

    • We provide consultation for our patented propagation methods to ensure rapid crop establishment and improved crop densities and yields, providing more dry tons per acre.

  • We also provide consultation for the successful implementation of biomass feedstock solutions.

Third Level


We license our patented processes, including:

  • Paper and pulp

  • Composite building materials

  • Sugars

  • Oils

  • Glycols

  • Other necessary chemicals

We Provide Diversified Feedstock Solutions
TreeFree Solutions and Services

At our core we provide plants and feedstock.

At the second level we provide expertise and consultation as to how to plant, harvest, process, clean and transport biomass feedstock.

At the third level we license our patented processes, including pulp, paper, composite materials, sugars, oils, glycols and other chemicals.


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