Intelligent Biomass Propagation System 


TreeFree Biomass Solutions, Inc. (TreeFree) has developed an innovative, cost effective, patented propagation system that allows us to plant vast acreage in multiple global locations.


TreeFree has partnered with many specialists and scientists in the field of propagation and product development for over fifteen years. During that time, we have developed a patented propagation solution and a variety of carbon sequestration applications for many industrial end uses.


When sterile, seedless plants like Giant Reed and Elephant Grass were selected for use as biomass feedstock simply due to the discovery of the yields, a major hurdle was crossed. However, the costs involved with getting enough planting materials to facilitate large acre farms were extremely prohibitive. Until recently, the only method was division of the root sections (called rhizomes), or planting stems utilizing a very costly method of growing plants in a sterile lab with highly trained technicians. TreeFree has spent over fifteen years researching this issue and others and has discovered a reliable, cost-effective and comprehensive propagation system and applications to produce green value added products..


TreeFree, through its patented propagation process, can now produce exponential numbers of plants without the need for expensive labs or sophisticated equipment. Our method can be replicated on many different sites with existing farm implements, using readily available labor.


We can supply planting materials at a minimal cost. Our process takes into consideration site-specific physical and cultural parameters, resulting in an end-use product specifically engineered to best meet the requirements of that individual site. The ability to both successfully and exponentially propagate all rhizome based plants and grasses is the cornerstone of TreeFree and its patent portfolio. Our company’s propagation system can be expanded globally to countries that are concerned with biomass use and biomass crop growth.

Intelligent Biomass Propagation System

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