Sustainability, affordability, and reliability make Nile Fiber™ a superior feedstock for many industrial uses.​

​Test results from research institutions and pulp and paper companies are conclusive: Nile Fiber™ is an extraordinary alternative to wood in the manufacture of pulp and paper products. These tests have also demonstrated that Nile Fiber™ can be used by itself or blended with virgin wood, recycled wood products, or waste generated by wood processing to produce either market pulp or value-added paper products. The resulting products are equal or superior in quality to the same products manufactured from wood or other non-wood fibers. 


​About ​Nile Fiber™​​ - A Sustainable Fiber Crop​

The growing worldwide concern over global deforestation has forced governments and forest products industry representatives to search for alternatives to wood fiber to meet the rapidly escalating demand for pulp and paper products. TreeFree Biomass Solutions Inc. was formed to develop commercial applications for a non-wood fiber crop, Nile Fiber™. One of many other uses of Nile Fiber™ that replace the use of wood products is our proprietary composite building materials.​

​TFBS has commissioned scientific research at the University of Washington, Washington State University and Auburn University to pioneer, to verify, patent, and refine a revolutionary standard for utilizing Nile Fiber™.


​​TreeFree Biomass Solutions Inc. provides cost effective solutions for industrial, biotech and consumer enterprises. Our technology enables us to create an environmentally friendly, sustainable feedstock. The exclusive TreeFree international patent for propagation, along with researched technology in planting, growing, harvesting and refining, offers a vastly improved and domesticated genus of Arundo Donax called Nile Fiber™. Nile Fiber can be manufactured into countless essential products such as high quality pulp, paper, building materials, bio-fuels, bio-energy, pharmaceuticals, chemicals and more. All without destroying a single tree.

The Advantages of Nile Fiber™​
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Corporate Fact sheet
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