A proprietary cultivar of the Arundo donax family
​NileFiber™​​ - A Sustainable Fiber Crop​

NileFiber is a domesticated cultivar patented by TreeFree Biomass Solutions, Inc. (TreeFree). It is in the Arundo donax family but has certain physical traits that make it identifiable. The company has successfully met the patent plant regulations by discovering a unique version of Arundo donax. The patent regulations state that in addition to requiring a “discovery” aspect in a cultivated environment, it must be grown for five consecutive years with the same “unique” attributes showing up in each of the five growing years. TreeFree has met this criteria and in 2012 the company filed a plant patent naming it “NileFiber”. Two main attributes of the cultivar are that it looks different than other members of the Arundo donax family and it is also very robust, giving it a superior per acre crop yield.


NileFiber™ Benefits


Due to its rapid growth of 4-6 inches per day in the growing season, NileFiber is one of the most efficient plants available for removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and “fixing” it into plant tissue, above and below ground. This process is known as carbon sequestration and is fundamental to the mitigation of global climate change currently induced by excessive combustion of fossil fuels.

NileFiber™ Advantages


NileFiber has a distinct advantage over other non-wood fibers because it can be processed in most existing facilities without cost prohibitive modifications. Our ongoing research and testing continue to uncover new cost and time-saving technical procedures unique to processing NileFiber, for example, the pulping process requires less bleach and less digestion time. This work is protected by multiple patents and patents pending worldwide.

TreeFree is forging relationships with governments, communities, universities and private companies to further develop NileFiber as a critical part of the solution to energy dependency. NileFiber can replace fossil fuels, protect, enhance and sustain the environment and provide economic development opportunities in many communities.

Utilization of Non-GMO cultivars and avoidance of laboratory tissue/callus culture propagation methods is unique to our business and strategy. Low-cost, rapid propagation of select varieties, coupled with site-specific cultivar selection make our crops successful. Organic selection and cultivation of the most elite cultivars guarantees high performance.



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