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​NileFiber is a patented domesticated cultivar of Arundo donax grown by TreeFree Biomass Solutions, Inc. Due to its high biomass productivity, NileFiber is the leading contender as the premier energy crop. The fiber cell structure makes it an ideal alternative for industries needing a sustainable feedstock supply. NileFiber is a viable alternative to wood, coal and petroleum based feedstock.


NileFiber™ Plants


TreeFree has developed an innovative, cost effective, patented propagation system that allows us to plant vast acreage in multiple global locations.


Advantages of Growing NileFiber™


NileFiber is a member of the perennial grass family. In its first year, NileFiber produces up to 10 dry tons per acre and reaches full maturity in its third year, producing up to 30 dry tons per acre. NileFiber can be harvested annually and produces usable biomass at a rate more than fifteen times that of Douglas fir. NileFiber is extremely hardy, has no natural enemies, grows with as little as 24 inches of water per year and grows in poor soils without fertilizer. The plant flourishes in warm climates and is a very efficient converter of the sun's radiation into biomass.


Once planted, NileFiber grows prolifically. This incredible growth rate makes this cultivar a remarkable option for a fast rate of return and a sustainable biomass option.


After NileFiber is harvested it will continue to grow new plants each year from the rhizomes and does not have to be replanted. NileFiber stalks can be processed and chipped at the harvest site, saving the additional costs to haul and process the crop at a separate facility. The stalks and leaves have a naturally occurring coat of wax that repels moisture and protects the plant from deteriorating during storage.


NileFiber is a tall, perennial C3 grass species in the subfamily Arundinoideae of the Poaceae family. The hollow stems, three to five cm thick, have a cane-like appearance similar to bamboo. Mature stalks grow to a height of twenty feet or more and an average diameter of one inch. Stems produced during the first growing season are unbranched and photosynthetic. It is an asexually reproducing species due to seed sterility. Underground it produces an extensive network of large, but short rhizomes like bulbs, and fibrous tap roots.


NileFiber™ Chips


TreeFree’s product is branded and marketed as NileFiber Chips which are sold by the dry ton.


NileFiber Chips are a premium hardwood replacement and fossil fuel alternative which can be used in a multitude of industries from energy (for combustion purposes), pulp and paper, to composite building materials. TreeFree created a patent portfolio around NileFiber which was developed to supply a feedstock for multiple industries.


NileFiber Chips can be substituted as a hard wood chip for global export. NileFiber Chips burn at approximately 8000+ BTUs. NileFiber Chips can be torrefied to be used in most coal fired biomass facilities and burn at 10,000+ BTU's.

NileFiber™ Chip Specification

NileFiber Chips are chipped and screened with disk chippers on site in the field at time of harvest. Due to differing site locations the dimensions of chips may vary.​


We offer two qualities of chips:

1. Full Harvest Chip meaning the full harvest of the stalks and leaves are included. Ash content in the 5% range.

2. Screened Chip results in a refined quality chip with no fines or leaves and a reduced ash content of approx. 2.5%.




Purpose / Fuel grade for combustion-Wood specification / NileFiber 


  • Chip Size specification / length 25.4mm to 76.2 mm / width   25.4mm to 76.2mm / density3.175mm to 6.35mm

  • Average moisture content (% +/-) 5% to 10%

  • Wood density (wet and dry basis aprox.) same as above

  • Weight / 1 cubic feet is 4.08233Kg


​We comply with the The Phytosanitary Certificate Issuance and Tracking (PCIT) system. This tracks the inspection of agricultural commodities and certifies compliance with plant health standards of importing countries.


1. Full Harvest Chip
Close up fresh harvest. Dimentions: 50.8mm x 12.7mm x 6.35mm

2. Screened Chip 
Close up of Nile Fiber™ Chips. Dimentions: 50.8mm x 12.7mm x 6.35mm


NileFiber™ Products

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