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What sets TFBS apart from other biomass companies is that TFBS has targeted Arundo Donax as a centrifuge for its patents due to its many superior uses in industry crops and multitude of end users in markets spanning the globe in seven industries. Our market advantage is the ability to provide an environmentally friendly, sustainable, closed-loop feedstock with yields that surpass competing biomass options. The exclusive TreeFree international patents for planting, propagation, growing, harvesting and refining, a specialized cultivar of Arundo Donax called Nile Fiber™, make possible the manufacture of countless essential products across seven industries. The results are high quality pulp, paper, building materials, bio-fuels, bio-energy, pharmaceutical products, chemicals and more. All without destroying a single tree.

TreeFree Biomass Solutions Inc. (TFBS) provides cost effective solutions for the biomass market place. TFBS has spent 12 years partnering with research organizations, scientists, and universities to establish a closed loop biomass crop that is superior to existing biomass options.

In 1999 TFBS, commissioned scientific research at the University of Washington, Washington State University and Auburn University to pioneer, verify and patent revolutionary standards for utilizing Nile Fiber™. Below you will find listed many of our companies accomplishments.

$100,000 DOE grant with Auburn University

Established test growing plots at Auburn University

1st Commercial pulp trial at Samoa pulp mill

2nd Successful commercial trial at Samoa pulp mill

Established test growing plot at WSU

Patent issued on pulp, paper, and composites

Development of a nodal propagation system

Established propagation research center at Machias, WA

Development of a low cost ramet propagation system

$400,000 Grant funded by UW, DOE, EPA

Established propagation research center,“ Kona, HI

Selection of elite, productive cultivars and ecotypes of Nile Fiber™

Developed system for planting large acreages

Proof of concept: using patented propagation system

Patent filings to expand pulp, paper, composites

Patent filings based on feedstock propagation

Patent filing based on chemical extraction

Received exclusive license for UW yeast and xylitol

Successfully removed multiple acres of Nile Fiber from a farm  in Touche, WA proving easy of crop removal

Development: large propagation facility Hamakua Coast, Hawaii

Successfully planted 17 acres in South Carolina

Shipping Capacity of planting materials for thousands of acres a month

Our propriety propagation method is capable of producing platelets for thousands of acres is 6 week cycles on an exponential basis.

Final development of Non-Wood Sustainable Composite Board prototypes for commercial development MDF, OSB, and HDF

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