Industries Nile Fiber™ will supply​

​A major limitation of timber farms is the long delay between high-cost planting operations and the economic return from harvesting. In many cases this is a 20-40 year investment. Nile Fiber™ farms will provide economic returns within 1-3 years depending on the final product.

Our production systems offer many diverse feedstock needs to many industries. Examples include liquid bio fuels, sustainable pulping material for use in paper manufacturing, building materials and many more. Many future uses are being developed creating even higher demands for Nile Fiber. Such future uses will be in bio plastics, chemical extracts, manufacturing of fertilizers and pharmaceuticals and cellulosic ethanol processes.


International testing has proven that Nile Fiber™ makes a high quality commercial pulp for over 200 types of paper. Nile Fiber™ pulp can be used for paper products that have typically been made from wood fibers, such as printing and writing paper, paperboard, packaging, tissue and toweling grades of paper, as well as molded products like paper plates, cups and trays.

​Nile Fiber™ Industries

Pulp and Paper: Nile Fiber™ can currently replace the use of trees in the manufacturing of over 2000 grades of paper. In the future, with further research, it will be able to replace many more coated grades of paper.

Composite Boards: Nile Fiber™ can replace the use of trees in the manufacturing of composite panels such as oriental strain board “ OSB” and medium density fiber board, “MDF”.

Energy: Nile Fiber™ can be burned with coal at 8000 BTU’s or it can be converted into E-Coal, which is a complete coal replacement.

Pellets: We can supply a dedicated renewable supply of pellets away from commodity pricing.

Fuels: With yields as much as 5 times more fiber per acre than corn,  Nile Fiber is a strong alternative fuel. It reduces feedstock costs and provides economic benefits as a non-food source. The further development of a yeast we are working will boost conversion results.

Forage: Nile Fiber™ provides healthy forage for animals. We are currently commercializing Nile Fiber™as a feedstock.

Phytoremediation and Land clean-up: Nile Fiber™ carbon sequesters and phytoremediates 15 times faster per acre per year than trees because of its mass per acre and its growth rate of 3” per day during growing season.

Successful Commercial Pulp Run of Nile Fiber.

In March 2002, Samoa Pacific successfully completed the first commercial Totally Chlorine Free (TCF) pulp run using 100% Nile Fiber™. The Nile Fiber™ pulp manufactured at the Samoa Pacific mill is the only non-wood Kraft TCF pulp processed in the Western Hemisphere.​

There are currently mature Nile Fiber™ Farms under cultivation around the world being used for musical instrument reeds, building materials and fencing. TreeFree Biomass Solutions Inc. owns or controls Nile Fiber™ farms that will produce pulp, paper and composite products. Our alliances with private, public and co-op landowners provide a broad base from which the fiber industry is being developed.
The methods and techniques of farm development for Nile Fiber™ have been used and proven for over 100 years, providing a stable and eco-friendly environment for neighbors and surrounding communities. Our techniques optimize planting procedures, fertilization and harvesting to ensure sound environmental practices. It has been well established that boundary control and other concerns can be properly managed with minimal effort, so that Nile Fiber™ poses no invasive threat.

Industry Solutions

Industries Nile Fiber™ will supply​

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