Company History

Company History


TreeFree Biomass Solutions, Inc. (TreeFree) provides cost effective solutions for the biomass market place. TreeFree has spent 17 years partnering with research organizations, scientists and universities to establish a closed loop biomass crop that is superior to existing biomass options. TreeFree has become the foremost world leader and expert on propagation and commercial applications and implementations of NileFiber.


Treefree is not like other biomass companies. It has concentrated its research, development and patents on a single biomass: arundo donax, also known as Nile Fiber. Arundo Donax is unique, the most versatile biomass growth that exists, superior as feed in industry crops, with a multitude of end user applications in multiple markets, spanning the globe.


Since 1999 TreeFree has commissioned scientific research at the University of Washington, Washington State University and Auburn University to pioneer, verify and patent revolutionary standards for utilizing NileFiber.


Using TreeFree technology, per acre net biomass production is more than 15 times that of trees per acre per year. NileFiber can grow up to 30 feet in height in less than a year. The crop never needs replanting and will continue to grow indefinitely, allowing the harvesting process to be repeated annually.


Company Milestones



Patent Filings: Pulp & Paper and Composite Building Materials




$100,000 DOE Grant with Auburn University

Arundo donax research plots at Auburn University




First successful Arundo donax commercial pulp run at Samoa Pacific Mill




Second successful commercial pulp run at Samoa Pacific Mill

Arundo donax research plots at Washington State Univ.




Patents issued for Pulp, Paper and Composites




Establishment of Propagation Research Center in Machias, WA




$400,000 CBPR grant funded by Univ. of Washington, DOE and EPA Establishment of Propagation Research Center in Kona, HI




Expand Patent Filings: Pulp & Paper and Composite Building Materials




Selection of elite, productive cultivars and ecotypes of NileFiber™

Patent Filings: Based on Feedstock Propagation

Patent Filings: Bio-Refinery Application

First successful commercial energy pellet production in Prosser, WA




Developed exponential growth system for planting large acreages

Patent Filings: Based on Chemical Extraction




Successfully planted 17 acres of Aurndo Donax in South Carolina

Patent Filings: Ethanol Production




Patent Filings: Propagation System

Patent Filings: NileFiber™ Cultivars




Patent Filings: NileFiber™ Biocoal and NileFiber™ Biooil

EPA created new pathway for the use of Arundo donax in ethanol production

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