NileFiber™ Farms

NileFiber™ Farms


TreeFree Biomass Solutions, Inc. (TreeFree) is in the process of establishing hundreds of thousands of acres of NileFiber Farms through the creation of the NileFiber Farming Association. TreeFree will own the produce from the harvest and compensate the farmers on a per ton basis. With an average yield of 30 dry tons per acre, this will be one of the best paying crops for farmers in the US. As income streams grow from carbon credits and other subsidies, farmers will have additional opportunities to increase their farm income. Guaranteeing the purchase of the crop, one time planting, low maintenance requirements, and no need for crop rotation offers attractive incentives to farmers.


Raw biomass is light but dense, which makes it uneconomical to ship distances over 100 miles. A shorter distance between the farm and the end user’s facility results in higher profitability. However, once converted to a value added product, the products can be shipped economically on a global basis. Therefore, NileFiber farms must be established in a reasonable proximity to the manufacturing facilities utilizing the produce to provide a sustainable and long term supply of feedstock.

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Land Acquisition Strategy


TreeFree is targeting four major resources for land to establish NileFiber Farms:


  • The Farm Bill Program. The USDA pays farmers on approximately 40 million acres annually to not plant or grow anything. Although well intended to support farmer’s income, the program is currently a major discussion item in the House and Senate because of the federal budget and debt issue.

  • Farmland located in proximity of end users. Farmland located near newly constructed and/or newly planned construction sites for converting facilities that produce products for the bio-sectors such as pulp, paper, biocoal, energy pellets, biofuels, composites and bio-chemical verticals.

  • Low income producing farmland. Mostly located in the Southeast, many farmers are unable to provide a sustainable income stream for their families and consequently America’s farming community is getting smaller each year, now only representing approximately 3% of the nation’s population.

  • Contaminated and reclaimed mining land. This is land that was once productive in terms of mining, but is no longer in production and, in some cases, contains toxins. The planting of NileFiber™ has the ability to remove toxins from the ground, which in turn will make this land useable again.


TreeFree will submit a full proposal to the USDA, supported by political interests, private industry, environmental concerns, both for profit and non-profit, to finance a study utilizing farmland in contaminated and reclaimed mining land for the production of alternative energy, which will provide the income stream to pay farmers the same or higher per acre income as a NileFiber Farm.

NileFiber™ Scale Up Strategy


TreeFree is in the process of establishing NileFiber nurseries that will produce plantlets for NileFiber Farms. These farms will produce the raw materials to make NileFiber Chips which will be processed into multiple green consumer products. Our alliances with private, public and co-op landowners, through the NileFiber Farming Association, provides a broad base from which the fiber industry is being developed.​


The methods and techniques of farm development for NileFiber have been used and proven for over 100 years, providing a stable and eco-friendly environment for neighbors and surrounding communities. Our techniques optimize planting procedures, fertilization and harvesting to ensure sound environmental practices. It has been well established that boundary control and other concerns can be properly managed with minimal effort, so that NileFiber poses no invasive threat.

Growing NileFiber™ 

NileFiber™ Farms and Licensed Commercial Farms

NileFiber™ Licensed Commercial Farms


TreeFree will enter into a licensing agreement with end users interested in growing and harvesting their own NileFiber. Under this agreement, plants are sold for a per acre price. In addition, TreeFree will provide consultation on our patented propagation methods for rapid crop establishment and improved crop densities and yields, providing more dry tons per acre.  

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