The growth of each ton of dry NileFiber biomass consumes about 1.6 tons of CO2. 


The high growth rate and of NileFiber provides impressive figures in terms of sequestration of atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2). As a basis for calculation, assume that NileFiber will produce a conservative 8 tons of above ground dry biomass per acre per year. In addition, about 4 tons per year of below ground biomass accumulates for a total of 12 tons per acre each year.

The growth of each ton of dry NileFiber biomass consumes about 1.6 tons of CO2.  So 1 acre at 12 tons per acre will hold and fix 19.2 tons of CO2 per year. In large plantations, the impressive NileFiber growth rate could remove massive quantities of atmospheric carbon dioxide derived from vehicle fuel combustion emissions or from manufacturing processes. Commercial production of NileFiber could provide the basis for substantial carbon credits. For illustration, burning 1 ton of gasoline produces 2.75 tons of CO2. 


Carbon Sequestration of NileFiber

TreeFree Biomass. Inc. has worked with the University of Washington to study the NileFibers ability to capture and fix carbon from the air. 

Carbon Sequestration is the first of several innate characteristics of our biomass. NileFiber has the ability to capture carbon at a massive rate per acre per year in comparison to other biomass crops, as well as in comparison to standard trees being used for biomass. We all desire clear air today. In a world that is falling victim to the stress of pollution globally, and NileFiber having the ability to sequester carbon at a rate of 15 times that of trees, we are now able to bring in a unique solution. The benefits of our product will be a clear choice to businesses in industries that are looking for viable for solutions. With government regulations closing the gap for industries, such as the coal industry, to find cleaner solutions for their continued success, TreeFree believes that Carbon Sequestration will become a major selling point.

Carbon Sequestration

Clean air is our concern

1 acre, at 12 tons per acre, will fix 19.2 tons of CO2 per year. 

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