The initial analysis of Nile Fiber™ as a Biomass feedstock prove to show that is a major contender as a superior option for many agricultural feedstock markets. To date there are a wide variety of agricultural biomass feedstocks currently in use around the globe. A variety of trees from Kenaf, Poplar, and Eucalyptus and grasses like Hemp, Switch Grass, and Miscanthus are found to be common in today’s biomass markets.

When it comes to choosing an agricultural biomass feedstock crop there are a wide variety of issues to consider. Land quality, available irrigation or water, elevation, pests and cold tolerance to name a few. Nile Fiber™ biomass crop is a unique and new player in the field of biomass. Nile Fiber™ is a perennial crop only needing one initial land prep and planting. This starting factor of comparison makes Nile Fiber™ a vastly more affordable crop to maintain in terms of the time required on an annual basis to upstart the crop. Nile Fiber™ requires one initial planting and then is expecting to be a 15 - 25 year crop not requiring replanting. Nile Fiber™ has a dormant season like other ag crops. Nile Fiber™ is cold tolerant up the 36th parallel.  Irrigation of crops is essential to the successful growth of any crop. One unique characteristic of Nile Fiber™ is it’s ability to easily accommodate brackish and saline waters. This means that a blended irrigation solution is possible.

Nile Fiber™ primary characteristics that make it a major contender in the biomass arena are that it’s ability to grow successfully on marginal and prairie lands with ample rainfalls. TreeFree Biomass Solutions Inc. specialized cultivar Nile Fiber™ is also naturally immune to pests and most insects. This characteristic can drastically reduce the need for pesticides reducing crop maintenance costs. Recent discoveries show that Nile Fiber™ is a drop in replacement for the forage industry as both wild animals and livestock enjoy the rich nutrients of the tops of the plant.


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