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We can deliver feedstock to seven major industries. Using Nile Fiber™ as a feedstock component in the production of products like pulp and paper, bio-energy, building & composite materials, sugars, forage, cosmetics, bio-chemicals, and biofuels, Nile Fiber™ is a highly diverse biomass with countless uses.

Using our patented technology, per acre biomass production yields can be increased 15 times that of equivalent acerages of tree crops. We can design a sustainable agriculture system specifically for a multitude of industrial uses.This represents a clear winner in the industry and a clear choice over the
use of trees. Nile Fiber™ never needs replanting and will continue to grow indefinitely, allowing the harvesting process to be repeated every 9-12 months. This results in substantially reducing labor costs to the farmer and less acres needed under cultivation. Nile Fiber™ can grow up to 30 feet in height in less than one year under optimal conditions, or almost 5"€ a day. Nile Fiber™ is clear choice as a green renewable crop and a hard wood replacement in the industry.


TreeFree Biomass Solutions Inc. spent the last 12 years researching Arundo donax as a sustainable biomass feedstock. In addition to confirming Nile Fiber™ as a replacement for wood fibers in producing pulp and paper, TreeFree discovered additional applications in other major industry sectors. TreeFree owns or controls an intellectual property portfolio of Nile Fiber™ products and processes. After over a decade of research and development, Treefree is in the initial stage of commercializing its first line of products.Our products include our proprietary plant cultivars, on site infrastructure development as well as supply, delivery and logistics of our feedstocks. TreeFree produces Nile Fiber™ cultivars, plants that have specific growth charactoristics and specialized end uses. 


Nile Fiber™ also grows and harvests our crops. We have the technology to plant, grow, harvest and deliver this feedstock in a most competitive manner to end users anywhere in the world.  TreeFree produces Nile Fiber™ cultivars, plants and grows Nile Fiber™ grass, harvests Nile Fiber™ crops, prepares Nile Fiber™ raw biomass feedstock in the form the end-user requires and delivers it to the end-user. TreeFree is forging relationships with government, community, University, and public and private companies to launch an aggressive effort to confirm and develop Nile Fiber™ potential as a critical part of the solution to energy dependency, replacing fossil fuels, protecting, enhancing and sustaining the environment and provide economic development opportunities for rural communities.

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