TreeFree Biomass Solutions Inc. (TBS) provides cost effective solutions for the biomass market place. TBS has spent 12 years partnering with research organizations, scientists, and Universities to establish a closed loop biomass crop that is superior to existing biomass options.


What sets TBS apart from other biomass companies is that TBS has targeted Arundo Donax as a centrifuge for it's patents due to it's many superior uses in industry crops and multitude of end users in markets spanning the globe in seven industries.


In 1999 TBS , commissioned scientific research at the University of Washington, Washington State University and Auburn University to pioneer, verify and patent revolutionary standards for utilizing Nile Fiber™.



Using TreeFree technology, per acre net biomass production is more than 15 times that of trees per acre per year. Nile Fiber™ can grow up to 30 feet in height in less than a year. The crop never needs replanting and will continue to grow indefinitely, allowing the harvesting process to be repeated every 9-12 months.



Company History

  • $100,000 DOE grant with Auburn University
  • Established test growing plots at Auburn University
  • 1st Commercial pulp trial at Samoa pulp mill

  • 2nd Successful commercial trial at Samoa pulp mill
  • Established test growing plot at WSU

  • Patent issued on pulp, paper, composites
  • Development of a nodal propagation system

  • Established propagation research center at Machias, WA
  • Development of a low cost micro ramet propagation system

  • $400,000 Grant funded by UW, DOE, EPA
  • Established propagation research center,€“ Kona, HI

  • Selection of elite, productive cultivars and ecotypes of Nile Fiber™
  • Developed system for planting large acreages

    Proof of concept: using patented propagation system

  • Patent filings to expand pulp, paper, composites
  • Patent filings based on feedstock propagation

  • Patent filing based on chemical extraction
  • Received exclusive license for UW yeast and xylitol

  • Successfully removed multiple acres of Nile Fiber from a farm  in Touche, WA proving easy of crop removal
  • Development: large propagation facility Hamakua Coast, Hawaii

  • Successfully planted 17 acres in South Carolina
  • Shipping Capasity of planting materials for thousands of acres a month

  • Our propriety propagation method is capable of producing exponential platelets is 6 week cycles

Company Milestones

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