TreeFree’s mission is to provide a sustainable, cost-effective biomass feedstock supply for the production and manufacture of green value added products made from NileFiber™.

TreeFree has filed patents for its proprietary propagation system for sterile grasses and for its plant cultivar known as NileFiber. TreeFree has expanded its marketplace from non-wood pulp and paper, to building composites, biofuels, biochemicals and energy. The patented NileFiber chip provides solutions to each of these growing marketplace sectors.


The years of extensive research and development and patent processing have poised TreeFree to become one of the most effective environmental leaders in the world. We have secured global interest in the establishment of millions of acres of NileFiber farms which will simultaneously begin to clean up our environment and atmosphere, and increase market value for its shareholders.


TreeFree’s immediate market focus is on two core products: the NileFiber Plant and the NileFiber Chip. TreeFree can plant NileFiber Plants and process NileFiber Chips to meet the specifications of any customer, regardless of the industry.


The investment that TreeFree has made in developing processes and applications, and filing global patents has been done strategically to create a barrier to entry for our competition. This approach gives TreeFree a competitive advantage in taking its core products to market. With 70% of the world’s patents on Arundo donax, TreeFree is the only company that has the ability to economically provide a sustainable green feedstock as well as supply the converting processes.

Company Overview


TreeFree Biomass Solutions, Inc. (TreeFree) is a biotech company that was founded in 1996. Since then, TreeFree has been focused on the creation of a world class scientific research and development team with the ability to develop innovative patented applications. The team efforts have been concentrated on the planting, growing and processing of the plant Arundo donax; which has been developed into a proprietary cultivar, and our patented product known as NileFiber. The proprietary process has proven applications to be capable of producing viable, sustainable, environmentally friendly, economically sound products. These quality green products can replace fossil products and sequester carbon 15 times more effectively than trees based on the phenomenal growth of NileFiber.

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